Bryan/Roach for Governor and Lt. Governor
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U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS — Governor Albert Bryan Jr. and Lt. Governor Tregenza A. Roach filed their nomination papers with the Virgin Islands Board of Elections on Tuesday, May 10, to formally kickoff the Bryan-Roach 2022 Reelection Campaign: “Together! Stronger than Ever.”

At a campaign kickoff rally on Tuesday evening, Governor Bryan and Lt. Governor Roach were cheered by hundreds of fervid supporters calling for four more years of successful recovery projects, an economically stable and transparent government, and initiatives to build the Territory’s workforce and continue strengthening the economy.

The candidates touted a list of 100 accomplishments during their first three years in office and pointed to campaign promises made and campaign promises kept, including rescuing the Government Employees Retirement System, repaying the 8% government employees’ wages cut by the 2011 Virgin Islands Economic Stability Act; paying income tax refunds dating back to 2016 and bringing the Bureau of Internal Revenue current; and stabilizing the Government of the Virgin Islands’ finances.

“It's been not three months, but three years after and we ain't miss a payroll yet,” Governor Bryan told the standing-room-only crowd at the campaign’s St. Croix headquarters in Ville La Reine. “Not only that, but we made good on all the election promises, and the raises that they gave in the last administration — we paid those people too.

“We used to be in the Dept. of Finance counting pennies on how we're going to pay the rent this month. Now we got money for days — 60 days cash-on-hand every single day of the week, ladies and gentlemen,” Governor Bryan said. “But we didn't waste that money; we made good on the commitment to pay teachers, policemen and public servants a fair wage.”

Lt. Governor Roach also highlighted the successes of the Bryan-Roach Administration, particularly major triumphs of the revenue-collecting agencies and divisions that fall under the umbrella of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, including a 77% increase in revenues from business and franchise taxes; full accreditation for the first time by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners; and a 2021 “Exemplary Systems in Government” award for the GIS project by the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association.

"By all indicators, we performed in a manner superior to many mainland jurisdictions, which sometimes think that because we are a territory of the United States we cannot lead ourselves,” the Lt. Governor said. “We conducted our vaccine program so effectively and so efficiently that people were leaving their home states, booking Airbnbs and other accommodations here, and staying in some cases as long as they could and working virtually in order to get both doses of the vaccine here in the Virgin Islands.”

Lt. Governor Roach also dismissed any claims that the Bryan-Roach Administration is not getting the job done.

“Even the staunchest cynic would have to admit that the Bryan-Roach team has proven time and time again that we have come to the kingdom for such a time as this. And I'm sorry, but you're going to have to manufacture any evidence to the contrary,” the Lt. Governor said.

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