Highlights of the Top 100 Accomplishments of the Bryan/Roach Administration in its first term:

The Bryan/Roach Administration has focused on bringing economic stability to the Territory and its people including: 

  • payout of long-overdue income tax refunds--$204 Million 
  • building $15 million in cash reserves for a "rainy day"
  • increased USVI airlift – more routes, flights and seat capacity territory-wide

A  successful Covid 19-Pandemic strategy helped to keep Virgin Islanders and visitors safe by:

  • launching the highly effective "Take Your Best Shot Against Covid 19. Take the Vaccine" campaign
  • setting up Community Vaccination Centers that served thousands with free vaccinations
  • accommodating  students in virtual learning with free laptops, internet service and other resources to facilitate studies
  • implementing the USVI Travel Portal and Entry Screening to mitigate the risks of the pandemic to the people of the Virgin Islands

Infrastructure Improvements. Millions have been invested in completing projects that meet federal and industry standards for resiliency:

  • Veterans Drive Improvement Project – Phase 1 - St. Thomas
  • Main Street Enhancement Project-St. Thomas
  • Henry E. Rohlsen  Airport Terminal Expansion & Modernization Project -St. Croix

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