Bryan Roach 2018 Platform

What we will do TOGETHER:

  • ECONOMY:Attract new revenues and better leverage existing resources
  • EDUCATION: Support the training and education necessary for individuals to secure good jobs, retain employment, or advance their careers
  • HEALTHCARE: Implement a unified health and hospital system to offer a high standard of care to all Virgin Islanders.

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A Strategic Plan for Making a Better Virgin Islands for All of Us



A. Addressing the Government’s Structural Fiscal Deficit

1. Take action to salvage GERS

2. Establish conservative and realistic budget practice

3. Establish cash reserves for future rainy day

4. Reconsider our tax policy

5. Reduce energy costs for government buildings

B. Restructure Government to Promote Efficiency and Accountability

1. Invest in worker productivity

2. Improve federal grant management

3. Build a true performance-based management culture in government

4. Merge WICO with the Port Authority

5. Develop reliable and affordable power

II. Take that Trust and Recruit Private Investment

A. Attract New Revenues to the Territory

1. Promote investment opportunities

2. Collaborate regionally

3. Utilize federal economic development programs

4. Modernize our infrastructure

B. Target a few critical industries

1. Capitalize on the prior investments in broadband infrastructure

2. Strengthen our tourism product

3. Establish a Free Trade Zone to promote manufacturing on St. Croix

III. Make Sure Those Dollars Support the Local Economy

A. Improve the circulation of revenues in the local economy

1. Actively support local entrepreneurs.

2. Actively promote and support the development of microenterprises

3. Require EDC companies to provide quality jobs.

4. Embrace asset-based community development

B. Close the loopholes that allow revenues to leave the territory

1. Reduce our dependence on imported energy

2. Support local food production

3. Improve the quality of healthcare in the territory

4. Protect local workers and businesses

IV. Utilize the Tax Revenues Generated to Reinvest in our People.

A.  Help low-income families increase their household income and rise out of poverty

1. Develop mechanisms to enhance access to jobs that pay “livable wages”

2. Develop programs to promote savings and asset accumulation

3. Develop programs to encourage financial literacy education

B. Support the training and education necessary for individuals to secure good jobs, retain employment, or advance their careers

1. Increase access to postsecondary education and training opportunities

2. Improve participation in adult education, literacy, and skills training opportunities

3. Develop programs to encourage employment retention

4. Focus our prison system on rehabilitation

C. Support the development of affordable housing opportunities.

1. Increase access to rental subsidy programs

2. Expand availability of affordable homes

3. Address our chronically homeless population

D. Invest in the education of our children

1. Focus on early childhood care and early learning

2. Develop an adequate preventative maintenance program for school facilities

3. Properly compensate and equip our teachers

4. Develop programs to reengage detached youth

V. Resolve the Question of Political Status

After 100 years of American rule, the time has come for Virgin Islanders to demonstrate political maturity and properly exercise our right of self-determination. Our relationship with the federal government has a great impact on the resources available to our Government. Issues such as the mirror tax system, the cap on Medicaid allotments, and the international designation as it relates to customs, to name a few, have a profound effect on our quality of life. The inability to have a direct voice, no matter how small, on the decisions of our federal government is unacceptable. The next four years gives us a chance to develop a proper community-wide education process on the issue of political status. We can educate the public on a binary choice: (1) do we wish to pursue greater integration with the United States, or (2) do we wish to pursue greater autonomy and independence. There are potential opportunities and drawbacks to both decisions. But we have a chance to lead our community through the discussion and put it to a vote at the General Election in 2022.


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