Installed GPS tracking devices on almost 1400 vehicles and other assets within the vehicular fleet of the central government. The tracking devices have allowed the Bryan-Roach Administration to better monitor the responsible use of government vehicles than was previously possible. Agency heads can now track unsafe vehicle use such as speeding, unauthorized use, fuel consumption, and accumulated mileage. This system is part of the Administration’s efforts to leverage technology to improve the effectiveness of government.


Launched the GVI Financial Fellows Program with the goal of attracting more young adults into public service by giving them opportunities to learn, train, and build valuable work experience while being paid an attractive wage. Of the 38 applicants, 12 were selected for the first fellowship and will spend two years working in the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the Office of Management and Budget, the Department of Finance, and the Office of Disaster Recovery rotating every 6 months to gain experience in all four departments. The program allows the government to recruit local talent and fill critical needs in the workforce.


The Department of Sport, Parks, and Recreation successfully led an effort to refurbish the degraded surfaces of the public tennis courts, basketball courts, and paddleball courts throughout the territory. The refreshed courts upgrade the beauty of the neighborhood parks they are in and provide a safe space for the public to enjoy recreational activities. The revitalization of these facilities is part of the Bryan-Roach Administration’s effort to encourage more physical activity for residents of all ages as a push towards greater overall community health and wellness.


George Simmons Terrace Community Center located in Estate Adrian on St. John was completely renovated in November 2020 after being severely damaged by hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. The Virgin Islands Housing Authority awarded the contract to Custom Builders which completed the renovation in seven months. The facility received a new roof, hurricane-resistant windows and doors, new lights, ceiling fans, and air conditioning. The Center is a senior facility run by the Department of Human Services and provides valuable services for the senior citizens on the island of St. John. It currently has an active membership of 25-30 seniors aged sixty and older.


The Department of Public Works has completed paving in Estates Misgunst and Lerkenlund to include milling, paving, and pavement markings. The project paved a little over half a mile of roadway on Routes 37 and 40. This project was part of several road projects funded with approximately $20 million in local funds in 2021 to address shortfalls in federal highway funding.


The Department of Public Works has completed road repairs on Mandahl Road (Route 42) in Estate Mandahl. The project included drainage improvements, striping, paving, guardrails, and the installation of a retaining wall. The road has not only been repaved, but mitigation measures have been included to reduce stormwater damage in the future.


The Department of Public Works has completed road repairs to Estate Adrian Road on St. John. The repairs to Adrian Road included the portion of the roadway from the intersection of Route 10 and Route 206 heading west along Centerline Road. The work included roadway excavation, reinforced concrete pavement, guardrail removal and replacement, and pavement restoration.


The Bryan-Roach Administration successfully convened the Virgin Islands Industrial Hemp Commission and received the approval of the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the territory’s industrial hemp production plan. Industrial hemp is an agricultural commodity that is cultivated for a variety of uses, including foods and beverages, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, fabrics and textiles, paper, construction materials, and other manufactured products. It is also the source of CBD which is a popular natural remedy used for many common ailments. The Industrial Hemp Commission has already awarded the territory’s first commercial hemp grower license and hemp seed distributor permit.


Amended the Virgin Islands Medicaid State Plan to allow for Freedom of Choice for Medicaid recipients. Freedom of Choice allows Medicaid recipients to obtain Medicaid services from any health center, clinic, pharmacy, physician, or other health care provider that is qualified and willing to provide the services. Previously, Medicaid recipients were limited in receiving specific services from the clinics operated by the Department of Health, the public hospitals, or one of the Federal Qualified Health Centers. The adoption of Medicaid Freedom of Choice allows low-income individuals greater access to most of the same healthcare options available to those with private insurance.


Refurbished and reopened the La Reine Fish Market on St. Croix which had been closed since 2007. The new market provides local fishers a clean and secure environment to serve their customers. The facility now has 18 individual stalls and 12 cleaning stations with sinks and running water that are available for monthly rentals to licensed commercial fishermen. The new market also has an ice machine, paved parking, and a 20,000-gallon holding tank for fish waste, which replaces the previous 5,000-gallon tank. The reopening of the La Reine Fish Market is part of the Bryan-Roach Administration’s larger plan to develop the territory’s “blue economy” of marine industry businesses, such as fishing, charter, and leisure boating.