DPW has completed comprehensive repairs to St. Croix’s Carlton Road, a highly travelled road between the Queen Mary and Melvin Evans Highways.


DPW has completed road repairs in St. Croix’s Estate La Reine where roads became impassable with each rainy season. This is another locally funded project for neglected roads not part of the federal highway system.


Through the advocacy of the Office of Veteran Affairs, V.I. military veterans with service-connected injuries or other medical conditions now have roundtrip charter flights and ground transportation in Puerto Rico. This is a well-deserved benefit for our veterans.


The Department of Education converted the Wheatley Skills Center to the new Charlotte Amalie High School Annex, the home of the Ninth Grade Academy. This first fully modernized school project since the hurricanes of 2017 features smart lighting, security windows, moveable panels to adjust room size, a computer lab, and more reflect the high standards of the New School Construction Board.


The V.I. Virtual Academy, is the first online public school for students who are immunocompromised or cannot physically attend school. VIVA, which also addresses teacher shortages, enrolls students in coding, animation, game design, and other subjects. The Bryan-Roach Administration is committed to innovative learning solutions for our children.